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Rates based on project. Engineer Included unless otherwise stated.
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Studio A 

All tracking is easily fit into Brotheryn’s large live room (1138 sq feet), three large iso booths (178sq ft, 240 sq ft, 350 sq ft.), and large control room (700 sq feet), as well as two sound locks. 8 seperate headphone sends give the flexibility to make everyone happy during the tracking and overdub process. The layout adds line of sight to its list of already attractive features so you can connect while maintaining as much isolation as needed.


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Grammy award winning mixing, suited to your needs and tastes.

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Audio mastering with an experienced engineer takes your final mix and optimizes it, raising the overall volume, adding clarity and punch, balancing the EQ, and, if you're releasing an album, making sure your songs are consistent from track to track. It's the final step in the music making process. 


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Carbonite has several Producers at your disposal with a wealth of experience on pro projects

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