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Vision and Mission: 


The increased effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has meant the cancellations of many concerts and festivals. As fans of live music, all of us at Carbonite Sound bear a special responsibility to support artists during these difficult times while bringing some musical relief to everyone staying safe at home, while bringing artists into a Covid Conscoius safe studio environment. 


We know the power of live performance is undeniable and we are offering an outlet to deliver it virtually.  We hope this pivot will help our artists tell their stories and engage with their audiences during these challenging times.

We sanitize the studio, ask for Covid protocol, and provide a 1500 sq foot live room with 3 additional large Iso rooms to make sure performers can play live together with social distancing. 



As a grammy winning audio recording facility we use our elite recording gear and mics to set up a live tracked Hi-Fi sound resulting in both a top end streaming quality, and also a live multi-track recording of the audio in Pro Tools. 

Visually, we employ broadcast hardware, software, and 4k cameras to get a vibrant live broadcast out to the world in eye-popping high definition perfectly sync'd to the Hi-Fi audio. Our video crew and Director make sure things look good throughout the performance. 

The show itself is a live broadcast that is available for replay at the conclusion of the streaming concert to everyone who purchased the event stream for at least 30 days. 




  • The live cut of the show, or unedited HD raw footage

  • ProTools multitrack audio tracks/session

  • We can re-mix and/or master the recording with our award winning sound engineer Jason Mariani

  • Custom visual environment by in-house projection mapping artists


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