Audio Recording

Carbonite Sound offers full digital and analogue audio tracking. Our facility offers a large live room (1150 sq feet), three large iso booths (180sq ft, 240 sq ft, 350 sq ft.), a large control room (650 sq feet), and 2 two sound locks. Much of our ever expanding gear list is here.

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Carbonite Live Streaming Concerts in HD and Hi-Fi

Using 4K Cameras, broadcast hardware/software, and our amazing audio capabilities as a recording facility, we offer artists a platform to send a high quality live and replay-able concert to the world. 

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Grammy Winning Sound Engineer Jason Mariani mixes all types of audio including songs, advertisements, Film & TV audio,  and voice over. 

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An important final step of audio post-production, our mastering will help your audio project come out polished and ready to impress. 
We use equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement to balance sonic elements of a mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. 

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Audio Post

Film & TV audio mixing and synchronization.








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Dialogue replacement​ for Film and TV. 

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Carbonite sound can offer services to track for TV and Film, as well as compose and organize cues for soundtracks. 

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Sound Design

We use accomplished sound designers who know how to set the soundscapes, moods, and moments with custom sounds, music, and audio elements. 

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Voice Over

We record voice over for TV, FIlm, Radio, and Ads. We also have multiple in-house voice talent and access to legendary voices such as Malcom McDowell. 

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